Are you a current renter entertaining the idea of home ownership? Or wondering if now is the time to purchase a home. You are not alone, the topic of timing is one we have been revisiting often. Investing in a home for the first time can be a daunting undertaking and it helps when given a push in the right direction. Informed decisions have the potential of being the best decisions. Taking an assessment of your home ownership desires and personal affordability are key factors that lead you toward the answer you are searching for.

In addition, an overview of current renter and buyer data may offer the additional insight needed to fully tune into your goals and sync them a timeline. Whether you start your home buying process now or later, don't worry! There are plenty of ways to reach those goals in due time.

Nationally, 49% of renters are under the age of 30. Over 46% of renters spend 30% of their annual income on rent! Minnesota median household of 3 has an annual income of $73,382 and pays $1680 in rent for a two-bedroom apartment. This same income could purchase a median priced home with a 30-year term for a monthly mortgage of $1644 a month. Not only is the monthly mortgage less than the median rent, there's opportunity to reduce your mortgage payments with financial planning and rate strategies.

statsA common myth, without question, is that home buying is significantly more expensive than renting. However, buying a home can present a variety of opportunities while also not being as expensive as one may think. In fact, homeowners typically have 44x the net worth than that of a renter, as a result of the significant financial opportunities gained from homeownership.

So, where does this lead us? Is it possible that your rental property is causing more financial strain than that of a home owner? As seen above, higher ratios are much more common among renters, actually, 24% of renters spend over 50% of their income on rent. Rent prices and cost of living are constantly changing as well, but not nearly at the same pace. Between 1960 and 2016 the median price of rent rose by 61%, where the annual income for renters only increased by 5%. Statistics like these are not as few and far between as you may think. Do you relate to any of these statistics?

While these statistics may only provide a high-level view of financial health of renters and homeowners, it does offer a benchmark in terms of affordability. You may be among the thousands that are unaware of just how attainable the opportunities in real estate can be. If your desires are leaning toward homeownership, with the help of a lender, it's time to establish financial strategies for a timeline that works best for you.

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